What is a FOZUDOKU?

SUDOKU + FOZ = FOZUDOKU It is a formula that explains in a simple way what a FOZUDOKU is and the origin of this word.

It was my Japanese friend, Chieko Miyatake Akasaka who suggested the name FOZUDOKU for this unique pastime that has some similarities to a sudoku and was created in FOZ, a beautiful place by the sea, in the Central Mariña of Lugo (Galicia), Spain, where my wife and I, every year spend the summer, (since she is from this very charming town).




FOZ for vivilo and sentilo


FOZ La Perla del Cantábrico


The FOZUDOKU is made with the Spanish deck of 48 cards forming three Magic Squares of 4×4 that are inspired by the FOZ Magic Square that has numbers of four different colours: Green, Red, Blue and Yellow, and the 24 groups of four numbers that have the constant sum ( 34 ) also have these four colours.

Article in wikipedia, where there is a reference to the Magic Square of FOZ


This FOZ Magic Square is on the façade of our house in FOZ, Rua do Porto, 11 (built with 16 coloured numbered tiles from a ceramic of Seville).

In the FOZUDOKU, as in the FOZ Magic Square, the 24 groups of four cards that have the constant sum are formed by four cards of the four suits in the deck, without any suit being repeated:

  • BASTOS (green)
  • COPAS (red)
  • ESPADAS (blue)
  • OROS (yellow)

The constant sums of the three Magic Squares of a FOZUDOKU are:

  • 22 in the first square on the left.
  • 26 in the second square of the Centre.
  • 30 in the third square on the right.

Antonio Pomares spends the summer in Foz, where his wife is from. Sudokus and their solutions can be found on his Facebook

The confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic that is being experienced in Spain and much of the world, and that is going to turn a month in a few dates, causes boredom to be just around the corner.

To avoid this, Antonio Pomares Olivares, a man from Alicante who spends summers in Foz, has devised Fozudoku, a sudoku puzzle that is performed with a Spanish deck of 48 cards.

This game consists of three squares containing 16 cards each. In each square there are six cards revealed, a total of 18 among the three squares, and the remaining 30 must be discovered, as in the sudoku game, taking into account the 24 groups of four cards that add up to the same amount and without ever repeating a suit. The first square on the left adds 22, the one in the center 26 and the one on the right 30.

Every day, Antonio Pomares puts a new Fozudoku on his Facebook page and the next day the solution. To date, they are already 19 Fozudokus made during this time that we are spending at home to avoid contagions and spread Covid-19. This Alicantino also has a web page for this game: http://cuadradomagicodefoz.com/

The idea was to give it the name of Spanish Sudoku, but I discarded the idea because it had a copyright.

A Japanese friend of hers suggested that he name it Foz, where his wife, Dolores Bustamante, was born and where they spend their summers. So it was.

The children of today do not have the mental agility that we had before. Pomares is a great lover of numbers. In the house where he spends his summers in Foz, he has, on the facade, a magic square made with colored tiles.


This article in Progress explains very well one of the stages in the evolution of FOZUDOKU, but it refers to the 6 card FOZUDOKU, (6 cards in each square), where EACH one of the 30 missing cards can be identified by adding the 3 visible cards in one of the groups of four cards that have the constant sum in order to calculate the fourth card that is missing in the group.

The 6-card FOZUDOKU (just like a sudoku puzzle) requires someone to provide one to be solved. Sudoku can be found in a newspaper, magazine or hobby book, to find a 6 card FOZUDOKU you can use the Excel file, «FOZUDOKU for Corona virus Quarantine», which generates a new FOZUDOKU using the f9 key of the computer. Also I myself, during confinement, made a FOZUDOKU every day that I photographed and for 42 days, together with a photo of the SOLUTION to FOZUDOKU from the previous day, I posted them on Facebook and in the What´sApp group.

In this aspect, the previous 6-card FOZUDOKU is similar to a Sudoku in the sense that it is required to have one on hand to solve it.

6 card FOZUDOKU generated by the Excel file «FOZUDOKU for the Quarantine of the Corona virus»

However the 6 card FOZUDOKU has evolved and now we have the NEW 5 card FOZUDOKU (5 cards in each square) and 33 cards to place

This evolution that follows my motto of «if best is possible, then good is not enough» happened thanks to the interaction I had during confinement with some of my most loyal followers in the what’sApp group and I want to mention here and express my thanks to three of them: Ana Tanzi, Carmen Navarro and Gerardo.

I also want to thank all the people (friends and family) who have supported and helped me to publicize this Hobby and I do not doubt that now that it is more visible on the Internet, it will continue to be disseminated for the benefit of all those who, like me, like the Magic Squares, and we never stop marveling at something that is there, hidden, and that shows us that there is a hidden order.

The best and notable difference between the PREVIOUS 6-card FOZUDOKU and the NEW 5-card FOZUDOKU is that now ANYONE can create their own 5-card FOZUDOKUS to solve them later, following the FIVE STEPS explained in the pages of this blog .

  • FIRST STEP – Select cards
  • SECOND STEP – Mix cards
  • THIRD STEP – Place cards
  • FOURTH STEP – Change 8 cards
  • FIFTH STEP – Reveal 5 cards

There is also another difference between these two FOZUDOKUS and that is that the 6 card FOZUDOKU is resolved by adding (to place EACH of the 10 cards in each square you have to add three cards to identify the fourth card) and in the 5 card FOZUDOKU, (where we have to place 11 cards in each square) is solved by placing 10 cards adding and one card without adding anything. (see page HOW TO SOLVE A FOZUDOKU?

What is a FOZUDOKU?



To create and solve a FOZUDOKU, you need to use logic, memory, concentration and of course knowing how to add. It is a good mental exercise for both children and adults and helps to develop and maintain our mental agility.

The Spanish deck of 48 cards that is needed to make a FOZUDOKU, it is preferable that it be a small deck.


(I have bought my deck at KUKADAS, a store in FOZ, and in some places they are sold in Chinese stores).

Here you will find pages to print:

  • A Spanish deck of 48 cards.
  • A Deck of colored numbers.
  • Three templates that form the board to place the cards.

From my Facebook account:


You also have access to several Excel files that you can download and use to print whatever you need.

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