Welcome to the FOZUDOKU website

Presentation of a FOZUDOKU at the Benalúa Neighbourhood Association in Alicante (my home town)

WELCOME to the FOZUDOKU website

Top↑ on each page, there are several MENUS in different languages with drop-down lists that give access to the different pages of this blog.

The first page explains what a FOZUDOKU is.

The FIVE most important pages are those that explain the FIVE STEPS that must be carried out so that you can FIRSTLY «CREATE« your own FOZUDOKUS, (with the cards face down) to SECONDLY make or «RESOLVE» the FOZUDOKU that you yourself have created.

I have underlined these two words «CREATE» and «RESOLVE» because there is a big difference between «CREATING» a FOZUDOKU and «RESOLVING» a FOZUDOKU.

When we do or «RESOLVE» a puzzle, it has already been made or «CREATED» by someone, so that we can do or «RESOLVE» it. (I repeat: we do not make or «CREATE» a puzzle, the puzzle has already been «CREATED» or made for us by someone.) However with the FOZUDOKU you can make or CREATE your own FOZUDOKU and then RESOLVE it.

So the FOZUDOKU is a double hobby: FIRST when you create it and SECOND when you solve it and the FIVE STEPS so that you can CREATE your own FOZUDOKU are:

  • FIRST STEP – Select cards
  • SECOND STEP – Mix Cards
  • THIRD STEP – Lay cards
  • FOURTH – Change 8 cards
  • FIFTH STEP – Discover 5 cards

There are also other pages that show the different ways to RESOLVE a FOZUDOKU, other decks that can be used: Poker and Coloured Numbers, (although the use of Spanish cards is the most recommended, especially if you use a small deck), the FOZUDOKU of the wall, (which is a very special FOZUDOKU), FOZUDOKUS of 4 Magic Stars and FOZUDOKUS of 4 Magic Crosses that are easier to create (only THREE STEPS), interesting links, other pages with more information, press, radio, videos and 3 pages that you can print:

  • Small size Spanish deck
  • Three slats that form the board for placing the cards
  • Deck of coloured numbers

↓Bellow↓ Under each page there are several icons with different functions: Links to my FOZ Magic Square website and my Facebook account: Antonio Pomares/ FOZUDOKUS groups, an icon that facilitates searches throughout the blog, a Google Translator, my postal address, e-mail and telephone number.

There are also 42 photos of 42 FOZUDOKUS, (cards and poker), ready to be solved, but I recommend you NOT to be lazy and to be the one who makes your own FOZUDOKUS.

This blog is in a permanent state of construction and as I learn about the different tools that can be used I’ll be putting new things in or improving the presentation of what I’ve already published, following my motto of «if better is possible, good is not enough» .

Along with all the information found on these pages about FOZUDOKU, there are some videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlsvxZciDBM which accompany and complement what is set out here and which are also in a WORDS document «How to make and solve a FOZUDOKU» which you can find on my Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/antonio.pomares.2447

Although it may seem difficult and complicated at first, in reality it is not. I’ve tried to explain everything in a simple way and I think that what you may not understand you’ll see much more clearly when you see the videos that accompany the explanations.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts, questions or suggestions.

I hope you like it and enjoy creating and solving your own FOZUDOKUS. Please help me to spread this double hobby among your friends and family.

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