Who am I?

My name is Antonio Pomares Olivares
I am 73 years old and I like recreational mathematics, especially magic squares. In 2013 I had the idea of adding four colours to the 4×4 magic square, creating the FOZ Magic Square, which would later inspire me to use the Spanish 48-card deck to form three magic squares in which none of the four suits were repeated in the groups of four cards that have the constant sum, thus creating what my Japanese friend Chieko Miyatake Akasaka named FOZUDOKU.

At first I used FOZUDOKU to make a Mathematical-Magical Presentation in schools and to teach the magic squares, and then later, to create a hobby similar to sudoku.

During the Corona-virus confinement every day, I made a FOZUDOKU, took a picture of it and published it on my Facebook page and What’sApp group for the entertainment of many and now I’ve created this website to spread this maths hobby.

Following the explanations I give in the FIVE STEPS, (1 – Select cards, 2 – Mix cards, 3 – Place cards, 4 – Change eight cards and 5 – Discover five cards), which you can see in the five videos I have made so that you can create your own FOZUDOKUS to solve them later.

FOZUDOKU on the wall in the courtyard of my house in FOZ

YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlsvxZciDBM

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/antonio.pomares.2447


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